Webber Investments LLC is a privately held investment firm focused on companies and people that have an entrepreneurial spirit, fiscal discipline and a sound plan. Our aim is to assist these companies achieve their full potential in the global market-place.

 We specialize in start-ups and situations where the model or market has, or is changing. We are involved completely in our projects to the end that we want to be a full and participating member of the team.



Another area of focus for us in property investment and development. This specialized and capital-intensive area is one in which we have a strong track record both within the US and internationally.

Private Equity

Sometimes it is appropriate to get involved on much more than just the advice level. We can do this also. We have helped many companies and entrepreneurs achieve their potential, or at the very least put them on the path to doing so.

Global Business

The global marketplace is getting smaller and is fertile ground for those who understand it and are comfortable within it. We are. We guide global entrepreneurs to help their companies with international growth and expansion.

Partners and Subsidiaries



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